The Board Risk Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The Board Risk Committee Terms of Reference define its purpose and responsibilities, how it is formed, how often it convenes and how it is assessed.

Role and responsibilities

The Board Risk Committee assists the Board of Directors in risk issues regarding the Eurobank Holding and its subsidiaries and ensures that:

  • the monitoring of the Group’s overall actual and future risk appetite and strategy, takes into account all types of risks to ensure that they are in line with the business strategy, objectives, corporate culture and values of the institution.
  • the risk management framework of the Group is appropriate and integrated in the Group’s decision-making process. The Committee also defines the risk management principles.
  • the Group has suitable methods, tools, models and data sources in place, as well as suitable and competent staff to identify, assess, monitor and mitigate risks.

Appointment and office term

The Board Risk Committee consists of members appointed by the Board of Directors.

The current Board Risk Committee consists of:

  • 3 Independent Non-Executive Directors of the BoD. One of them serves as Committee Chairman.
  • 2 Non-Executive Directors of the BoD. One of them serves as HFSF Representative (HFSF). The HFSF appoints its observer on the Board Risk Committee in line with the requirements of the Tripartite Relationship Framework Agreement (TRFA).

The office term of the Committee members coincides with the office term of the Board of Directors, with the option to renew their appointment, but in any case, the service in the Committee should not be more than 9 years in total.