The corporate governance of Eurobank Holdings ensures Eurobank Holdings and its subsidiaries operate with credibility and in a responsible, just and transparent manner. We implement the Greek law, the international best practices on corporate governance. We safeguard the legal interests of anyone connected with Eurobank Holdings: our shareholders, customers and human resources.

The Corporate Governance principles applied by Eurobank Holdings ensure that:


The composition and operation of the Board of Directors of Eurobank Holdings ensures it reaches its decisions with transparency, credibility and consistency during the decision-making process. 

Equal treatment

We treat all our shareholders, young and old, fairly and equally and we safeguard their interests. We inform our shareholders adequately and on time about the progress and performance of Eurobank Holdings. 

We expend all efforts to avoid situations that may lead to internal or external conflict of interests.

Separation of duties

In our corporate governance, everyone has clear and distinct duties and responsibilities. This is further assisted by:

  • The organisational structure of Eurobank Holdings, which is clearly stipulated in our Articles of Association.
  • The Internal Governance Regulations and the organisational structure of the subsidiaries of Eurobank Holdings.
  • The Internal Governance Control Manual is in line with the provisions of Greek Law on Corporate Governance, as in force. A summary of the Internal Governance Control Manual is duly published on Eurobank Holdings’ website. 

This way we establish a solid internal control framework.

Independent external audit

We safeguard the independence of the external auditors in our corporate governance. The External Auditor Independence Policy stipulates the external auditor rules, according to 3 basic principles:

  • An auditor may not audit their own work.
  • Αn auditor may not perform any administrative roles.
  • An auditor may not provide any services prohibited by the Law or the Eurobank Holdings’ policy.

Best practices in all operations

We implement the corporate governance principles across all our operations as best possible. The Eurobank Holdings Group Company Secretariat:

  • Determines the management, operational and auditing frameworks of Eurobank Holdings.
  • Ensures that each framework is implemented correctly. 
  • Notifies the competent supervisory authorities, in compliance with the legislation in force.

Corporate governance framework

Eurobank Holdings has adopted the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council.

Previous versions of our Corporate Governance Code:

20202019 | 2018 | 2017 | 20162015 | 2014 |2013 | 2012 | 2011

The Corporate Governance Statement (28.03.2024) is a special section of the Eurobank Holdings Board of Directors Executive Report. It outlines how the principles stipulated by the Corporate Governance Code were applied during the previous financial year.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics applies to the human resources of Eurobank Holdings and provides the framework for the principles, rules, conduct and decisions that the human resources ought to follow during their professional engagement. To this end, we offer ongoing training to our people. The Code of Conduct and Ethics is eventually approved by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

The Articles of Association state how the Eurobank Holdings Board of Directors is formed, what responsibilities it has and how it operates. 

The Internal Control System ensures the efficiency, credibility and compliance of Eurobank Holdings to the legislative and regulatory framework in force.