Compliance of Eurobank Holdings follows international best practices. Its goal is to ensure that Eurobank Holdings complies with the applicable legal and regulatory framework.

Compliance of Eurobank Holdings has a direct reporting line to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Eurobank Holdings, thus enhancing the importance and the independence of the function.

Holistic management of compliance risk

Compliance supports the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors in the management of compliance risk. It provides oversight and coordination in relation to the responsibilities of Eurobank Holdings for compliance with the applicable regulatory framework, the rules of the Supervising Authorities, as well as the adopted internal policies. Its main responsibilities are as follows:

  • New laws and regulations – It notifies Eurobank Holdings’ Management on new laws and regulations, and advises them on the impact these may have.
  • Compliance risks – It monitors the regulatory framework and assesses the risk of non-compliance with it. It supports Eurobank Holdings with regards to monitoring, identification and effective management of compliance risks. 
  • Supervisory authorities – It monitors whether responses to requests from supervisory and other authorities are managed quickly and efficiently. It cooperates with them in order to facilitate their tasks. It monitors whether Eurobank Holdings meets regulatory reporting timelines. It notifies the Audit Committee of any delays or fines.
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics – Eurobank Holdings abides by the key principles of the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Eurobank. The Code applies to the human resources of Eurobank Holdings and provides the framework for the principles, rules, conduct and decisions that the human resources ought to follow during their professional engagement. Compliance monitors adherence to the Code of Conduct and Ethics with the aim to identify potential conflicts of interest, bribery, corruption or other unusual transactions.

Misconduct reporting

Eurobank Holdings encourages all staff of Eurobank Holdings and its subsidiaries, as well as any concerned third parties, to submit reports or comments.

Reports or comments should be about breaches of policies, procedures and legislation in force, e.g.:

theft, embezzlement, bribery and corruption, money laundering, conflicts of interest, non-compliance with the Eurobank Holdings Code of Conduct and Ethics and/or policies, or anything that could damage the reputation of Eurobank Holdings, as well as any attempt to cover up any such incidence.

The Audit Committee of Eurobank Holdings defines the procedures that ensure confidentiality and secrecy for all reports and comments. It also systematically monitors the application of these procedures.

How to report misconduct

Phone:  +302144058990
The line is available 24/7 all year round.