Listing of new ordinary shares issued from the share capital increase due to the merger by absorption of DIAS S.A.

EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A. (the “Bank”) announces that on Monday, 6 June 2011, the 14.353.472 new ordinary shares will commence trading on ATH.EX., following the Bank’s share capital increase due to the merger of the Bank with DIAS Portfolio Investments S.A. (“DIAS”) by absorption of the latter by the former and the simultaneous modification of the ordinary shares’ nominal value from €2.75 to €2.81 per share.

The above share capital increase was resolved by the Bank’s A´ Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting of 8/2/2011, and approved on 30/5/2011, by the decision of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness referenced K2-4850/30-5-2011.

Following the share capital increase, the Bank’s total paid-in share capital amounts to €2,503,910,079.87, divided into 898,448,427 shares, of which a) 552,948,427 ordinary shares with voting rights, of a nominal value of €2.81 each, and b) 345,500,000 preference shares, without voting rights, issued under L.3723/2008, of a nominal value of €2.75 each.

With its 2/6/2011 decision, the Board of Directors of ATH.EX. approved the listing of the 14.353.472 new ordinary shares which is exempted from the requirement for publication of a prospectus (article 4 par.2 (a) of L.3401/2005).

As of the same date, Monday, 6 June 2011:

i. the 14,353,472 shares will be credited to the beneficiary shareholders’ accounts of the absorbed company (DIAS), which were registered in the Electronic Dematerialized Securities System (“DSS”), managed by Hellenic Exchanges S.A. (“HELEX”), on 2/6/2011 (“Record Date”), at the prescribed exchange ratio of 5.3. DIAS shares to 1 new ordinary share of the Bank, with a nominal value of €2.81.

ii. the 552,948,427 ordinary shares of the Bank will commence trading on ATH.EX. under the new nominal value of €2.81 per share.

For further information, Shareholders may contact the Bank’s Shareholders’ Department at 8, Iolkou Str. and Filikis Etaireias (Building A), 142 34 Nea Ionia (tel. +30 210-3523300), during working days and hours.

Athens, 2 June 2011

EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.