Announcement - Notification in accordance with article 14 of L. 3556/2007

Eurobank Ergasias S.A. (hereafter “Eurobank”) announces pursuant to article 14 of Law 3556/2007, and subsequently to the completion of its share capital increase by payment in cash and the commencement of trading of the new ordinary shares on the Athens Exchange on May 9, 2014, the following:

a) Based on the notification received from the company “Fairfax Financial Holding Limited” (hereafter “Fairfax”) on May 14, 2014, Fairfax acquired indirectly on May 9, 2014, through its controlled subsidiaries, 1,290,322,580 ordinary shares with voting rights, issued by Eurobank, representing 8.77% of its ordinary shares with voting rights. As a result of this transaction, the percentage of the voting rights held in total (indirectly) in Eurobank by Fairfax stands, as of May 9, 2014, from 0.00% to 8.77%.

b) Based on the information received from the company “Capital Group Companies, Inc.” (hereafter “Capital”) on May 13, 2014, the percentage of voting rights held in total (indirectly) in Eurobank by Capital stands, as of May 9, 2014, from 0.00% to 13.0132%, corresponding to 1,913,960,463 voting rights. This percentage relates to:

i) 1,796,133,096 (12.212%) voting rights of “Capital Research and Management Company” (hereafter “CRMC”), a company controlled by Capital. In these rights are included 800,389,651 (5.442%) voting rights assigned to CRMC under its capacity as investment adviser, from the company “EuroPacific Growth Fund” (hereafter “EUPAC”), holder of 800,389,651 Eurobank’s ordinary shares, based on the respective information received on May 13, 2014 from EUPAC.

ii) 117,827,367 (0.8011%) voting rights of “Capital Group International, Inc.” (hereafter “CGII”), a company controlled by Capital. These rights are controlled by 4 subsidiaries of CGII, acting in their capacity as investment managers on behalf of international institutional clients.