Announcement - Notification of important changes concerning voting rights under L. 3864/2010

Eurobank Ergasias S.A. (hereafter “Eurobank”) announces pursuant to article 7a (par.6 c) of Law 3864/2010, as in force, the following:

Based on the information received from the company “Capital Group Companies, Inc.” (hereafter “Capital”) on December 11, 2014, Capital held in total (indirectly), as of December 9, 2014, 1,840,118,315 voting rights in Eurobank, corresponding to 19.37% of the total voting rights, excluding those held by the HFSF. The above percentage relates to:

i. 1,728,909,934 (18.199%) voting rights of “Capital Research and Management Company” (hereafter “CRMC”), a company controlled by Capital, excluding those held by HFSF. In these rights are included 723,496,053 (7.616%) voting rights assigned to CRMC under its capacity as investment adviser, from the company “EuroPacific Growth Fund” (hereafter “EUPAC”), holder of 723,496,053 Eurobank’s ordinary shares, based on the respective information received on December 11, 2014 from EUPAC.

ii. 111,208,381 (1.171%) voting rights of “Capital Group International, Inc.” (hereafter “CGII”), a company controlled by Capital excluding those held by HFSF. These rights are controlled by 4 subsidiaries of CGII, acting in their capacity as investment managers on behalf of international institutional clients.