The Board of Directors of Eurobank Ergasias S.A., convened today to resolve on the appointment of new Board members and its reconstitution, following the resignation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Panayotis-Aristidis Thomopoulos and the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Christos Megalou.
The Board of Directors elected as new non-executive director Mr. Nikolaos Karamouzis for an equal term to the remaining term of the resigned members. Subsequently, the Board of Directors decided on its constitution and appointed Mr. Nikolaos Karamouzis as its Chairman and Mr. Fokion Karavias as Chief Executive Officer, who held the position of the Senior General Manager until today. As regards the other positions, the composition of the Board of Directors remains
unchanged as follows:
  1. Nikolaos Karamouzis, Chairman, non-executive director
  2. Spyros Lorentziadis, Vice Chairman, independent non-executive director
  3. Fokion Karavias, Chief Executive Officer, executive director
  4. Jon Steven Haick, independent non-executive member
  5. Bradley Paul Martin, independent non-executive member
  6. Josh Seegopaul, independent non-executive member
  7. Wade Sebastian Burton, non-executive director
  8. George Chryssikos, non-executive director
  9. Dimitrios Georgoutsos, non-executive director, representative of the Greek State under Law 3723/2008
  10. Kenneth Howard Prince – Wright, non-executive director, representative of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund under Law 3864/2010