Replacement of Greek State’s representative in accordance with the provisions of Law 3723/2008

Eurobank Ergasias S.A. (Eurobank) announces that, following the acceptance by the Minister of Finance of the resignation of Mr. Dimitrios Georgoutsos from the position of the Greek State’s representative, the Minister of Finance decided to appoint Mrs. Christina G. Andreou as representative of the Greek State to Eurobank’s Board of Directors (BoD), whose term commenced on 6.3.2015, with the publication of the Minister’s decision in the Government Gazette, and shall expire at the end of Eurobank’s participation in the provisions of L.3723/2008. The BoD of Eurobank at its meeting of 10.3.2015 shall integrate the new representative of the Greek State into the BoD as an additional non-executive member, according to the provisions of L.3723/2008.