Resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of the Bank and Board of Directors meeting of 28.4.2015

Eurobank Ergasias S.A. (Bank) announces the following:

Α. The Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of the Bank held on 28 April 2015 was attended by shareholders representing 5,568,447,921 shares out of 9,499,809,184 shares, corresponding to 58.62% of the paid up share capital with voting rights on the items of the agenda. It is noted that, according to Law 3864/2010, as in force, for the calculation of the percentages of quorum and majority of the General Meeting, are not included 5,208,067,358 common shares of the Bank held by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund.

In respect of the items on the agenda, as referred to on the invitation dated 6.4.2015, the General Meeting elected as new Board members Messrs.Stavros Ioannou and Theodoros Kalantonis whose term of office will expire concurrently with the term of office of the other members (Board with a membership of twelve from now onwards) and specifically on 27.6.2016, prolonged until the end of the period the Annual General Meeting for the year 2016 will take place.

The voting results were as follows:

  • Number of shares for valid votes given: 5,513,454,951 (58.04% of the share capital with voting rights on the items of the agenda), out of which:

- For: 5,010,947,788

- Against: 502,507,163

  • Abstain: 54,992,970

Β. The Board of Directors of the Bank, in its meeting of 28th April 2015, decided on its constitution, on the appointment of Deputy Chief Executive Officers as well as on the determination of the executive and non-executive directors, as follows:

1. Nikolaos V. Karamouzis, Chairman, non-executive director

2. Spyros L. Lorentziadis, Vice Chairman, independent non-executive director

3. Fokion Ch. Karavias, Chief Executive Officer, executive director

4. Stavros E. Ioannou, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive director

5. Theodoros A. Kalantonis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive director

6. Jon Steven B.G. Haick, independent non-executive director

7. Bradley Paul L. Martin, independent non-executive director

8. Josh P. Seegopaul, independent non-executive director

9. Wade Sebastian R.E. Burton, non-executive director

10. George K. Chryssikos, non-executive director

11. Christina G. Andreou, Representative of the Greek State under Law 3723/2008, non-executive director

12. Kenneth Howard Prince – Wright, Representative of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund under Law 3864/2010, non-executive director.