INFORMATION DOCUMENT for the free distribution of shares to EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A’s employees

in accordance with article 4 par.1.e of l.3401/2005,

for the free distribution to EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A’s employees of shares issued by share capital increase through profits capitalization


EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A (“Bank”), with regard to the distribution of new free shares to the Group’s employees and members of the Board of Directors, as approved by the General Shareholders’ Meeting of 3 April 2007 informs the public, in accordance with article 4 par. 1.e, of the following:

The Bank, within the framework of rewarding the efforts and the achievements of the Group’s employees, and given the Group’s continued very strong performance and expansion of its New Europe footprint in 2006, in accordance with article 16 par. 2.f of company law 2190/1920 and article 1 of presidential decree 30/1988, will distribute free shares to employees, to be issued by share capital increase through capitalizing an equal amount of taxed profits of the financial year 2006. Due to the issue of new shares for the employees, according the above regulations, there is no issue with respect to the exercise of preemptive rights by other shareholders, since the law provides that the shareholders may not participate in this type of share capital increase, since the increase is in favor of personnel under the specific terms set by the law.

Specifically, the share capital will increase by €2,771,973.60, through the issue at par of 839,992 new shares of par value €3.30 per share, by capitalizing an equal amount of taxed profits of the financial year 2006.

The new shares will be entitled to participate to the profits of the financial year 2007 and will be distributed free to the Group’s Directors, executive management and staff who were providing their services under any form of contract on 31.12.2006 The persons eligible for free shares are those who had, and are expected to continue to have, a positive contribution to the Group’s results, taking also into account the position and the functional level of responsibility of each person. The Board of Directors will allocate the above mentioned shares, within the above framework, and will be able to authorize further the Board of Directors’ Remuneration Committee to this effect.

As a result of the above mentioned share capital increase, article 5 of the Bank’s Articles of Association will be amended. The Bank’s total paid-in share capital amounts to €1,267,292,730.00 divided into 348,028,100 registered shares, of nominal value €3.30 per share.

Responsible for this Information Document and the accuracy of its contents are Messrs:

1.               Andreas Enotiades, Head of Group Corporate Governance

2.               Efrosini Koulocheri, Group Corporate Governance Officer

The Information Document is available at the Bank’s offices in Athens, 6 Siniosoglou Str., 142 34, Nea Ionia, and in electronic form on the Bank’s website  For any further information, please contact Mrs Efrosini Koulocheri at the above mentioned offices, during working hours (tel.:210 3522361).