Further to the announcement dated 16.10.2020, Eurobank Ergasias Services and Holdings S.A. (“Company”) informs that on 26.10.2020 has been completed the sale of the 18,236 registered ordinary shares that were formed from the aggregation of the fractional balances of the shares issued by Cairo Mezz and held by the Company that were distributed to the shareholders of the later in the context of the Company’s share capital decrease in kind, and of equal value to said capital decrease, at a ratio of 1 share of Cairo Mezz for every 12 shares of the Company that the shareholders of the Company held on the below mentioned record date, as resolved, among others, at the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders held on 28.07.2020.

The final net proceeds from the sale amounts to €2,058.19. Beneficiaries of the proceeds from the sale are the shareholders of the Company who were registered in the Dematerialized Securities System (the “DSS”) of the Athens Exchange on 25.09.2020 (record date).

The attributable amount to the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the sale will be paid as follows:

A) To the beneficiaries who have appointed Eurobank S.A. (“Bank”) as operator of their securities account in the DSS, through deposit, on 04.11.2020, in their account held by the Bank.

B) The rest of the beneficiaries may collect the abovementioned amount, starting on 04.11.2020 as follows:

1. Through their respective operators in the DSS, or

2. Through any branch of the Bank, either in person or via their legal representative, by presenting their Identity Card as well as a printout of the Investor Share Code Number in the DSS (ISC) and in the case of legal representation, the power of attorney of the beneficiary, with the signature verified by a Public Authority.

For further information, shareholders could contact the Company’s Investor Information Services Division at 8, Iolkou Str. & Filikis Etaireias, 14234 N. Ionia (tel. +30 210-3522400), during working days and hours.