Further to the announcement dated October 11th 2021, Eurobank Holdings (“Eurobank”) announces that after the fulfillment of all conditions and having received all appropriate approvals, it has concluded:

  1. the sale of 95% of mezzanine and junior securitization notes issued in the context of a securitization transaction of a multi-asset NPE portfolio consisting of €5.2 billion nominal value (€3.2 billion gross book value) (‘The Mexico Securitisation”) and
  2. the servicing contract of the securitized portfolio to doValue Group.

The transaction will have no material impact on the regulatory capital ratios of Eurobank and due to the completion of the transaction Eurobank’s NPE ratio is expected to set at 7.3% by end of year.

Financial Advisor to Eurobank: Alantra Corporate Portfolio Advisors International Limited.

Legal Advisors to Eurobank: Allen & Overy LLP and Karatzas & Partners Law Firm.