We invest in sustainable development and consistently design our actions to improve our impact on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance.

Our ESG vision

We recognise the need to become a more sustainable bank at our core, to be resilient to future environmental and social shifts and to deliver enhanced social value. We strive to meet standards and conditions that ensure we operate as a responsible business, especially in terms of acting as a responsible employer, giving back to our communities and delivering long-term sustainable performance.

Through our strong governance framework, and the new systems and processes we build, we envisage being able to improve our impact. That is, to make a meaningful contribution to society, champion enterprise and help minimise our impact on climate change.

Our ESG vision aims to support long-term prosperity by:

 Financing sustainable development.


 Delivering value to our people, stakeholders and the society.


Creating positive economic, social and environmental impacts through all aspects and areas of our activities.

Our commitment

Sustainable development is key to prosperity. It requires both productive economic structures, and a responsible attitude towards the natural environment and the society.

To this end we are committed to:

  • Become the leader in financing the transition to the green economy.
  • Offer financing solutions that foster growth and sustainable development.
  • Operate responsibly, always upholding the highest ethical values.
  • Harness technology and innovate, to enhance the experience of our customers and become more accessible.
  • Provide a work environment that supports the welfare and development of our people.
  • Minimise our environmental footprint by adopting and promoting environmentally friendly practices.
  • Give back to the society and the community we operate in.

Our approach

We closely cooperate with third-party international bodies to report on our performance and ratings. Our aim is to illustrate our progress against our commitments.  

Acknowledging the importance of sustainable development, we provide comprehensive and transparent information through our ESG reporting. We are gradually integrating ESG practices and aspects in our product and service offerings, operations, and client and employee engagement. 

Apart from our business activities, we also undertake social responsibility initiatives, responding to the needs of society. We actively participate in landmark projects that foster sustainable growth in Greece.

Group Environmental and Sustainability Committee

The Group Environmental and Sustainability Committee reports to the CEO and:

  • Provides strategic guidance for sustainable development initiatives.
  • Monitors key sustainability indicators.
  • Ensures that all relevant management system policies (Quality, Environment and Energy) are properly implemented.

Going forward

We set and refine our targets, aiming to better understand and monitor our impact over the years. Our plan is to establish comprehensive management mechanisms, KPIs and milestones to better implement and monitor our targets.

Aligning our activities with the Paris Agreement on climate change, the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan and the UN SDGs will be a key aspect of setting such targets.

In this context, we aim to:

  • Launch awareness initiatives for our clients, promoting sustainable activities.
  • Enhance existing and introduce new product offerings that promote sustainable development.
  • Provide training for our employees to integrate ESG in day-to-day operations, client engagement and product offerings.
  • Enhance existing and introduce new policies on client, environmental and social risk management, supplier evaluation, and sustainable financing and products.