Eurobank Holdings immediately responds to all the needs of our shareholders and investors. To provide them with quality digital services, we use innovative technologies and advanced security systems. 

Equal treatment

We provide services to all our shareholders, both small and large ones, equally. All our schemes and procedures comply with the Greek and EU laws, especially the capital market legislation.

We promptly respond to the needs of our shareholders and investors. We give them information on their rights in accordance with the Greek law and the Eurobank Holdings Articles of Association, and we help them exercise these rights.

Get answers to questions our shareholders often ask us.

Certified procedures

Eurobank Holdings has received an ISO 9001 certificate for its share register procedures. TÜV HELLAS, an independent body and a member of the TÜV Nord Group, audits our procedures. 

Innovative services

We constantly improve our range of services to cover our share-register needs in a more integrated, quick and efficient manner:

  • We enable our shareholders to participate in our General Meetings via teleconferencing. Given the exceptional circumstances and the measures taken by the State to address the spread of Covid-19, Eurobank Holdings’ General Meetings can be held via teleconferencing, in accordance with Article 33 par. 2 of the Legislative Act dated 20.03.2020 which was ratified by Article 1 of L. 4683/2020 (Government Gazette A' 83/10.04.2020) and was further amended by article 4 of L. 4702/2020 (Government Gazette A' 130/03.07.2020) (in Greek), as well as in accordance with the provisions of article 125 of L. 4548/2018.
  • We undertake the entire process of certifying our shareholders’ entitled heirs. Based on its lawyers’ relevant opinion, Eurobank Holdings undertakes the certification of the shareholders’ entitles heirs and the return of their inherited stocks to them, in compliance with the Greek Inheritance Law and other applicable legislation. 

Electronic file security

We use advanced security systems to safeguard the electronic files we manage and keep for our share register. We have a backup system (Disaster Recovery Site – DRS) installed at a different location. The backup system gets updated throughout the day.

Long track record

The Investor Information Services Division efficiently manages our share register. Specially trained executives, with long professional experience in the banking sector and share-register services work for this Division.


If you are a private shareholder, contact our Investor Information Services Division.

Phone: +302144046400


Visit our Investor Information Services Division: Panagouli & Siniosoglou, Building E, 14234 Nea Ionia, Greece.

Visit any Eurobank branch to submit your request/query.

If you are a foreign institutional investor, an analyst or a broker, contact our Investor Relations Division.


Visit our Investor Relations Division: 2-6 Pesmazoglou Street, 10175 Athens, Greece.